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About Us

Midland Adventure is a small friendly company based in the West Midlands. Since founded, we have provided superior service to our customers. Our years of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best mobile adventure provider.

New Services from Midland Adventure. Specifically designed to be used in your own backgarden. Hours of Fun 

for all the Family. Delivered and Collected to your doorstep adhering to all social distancing guidelines. Full contactless payment. All equipment is fully cleaned before and after use.


Events is divided into two sections:- Target Zone and Hire

Target Zone is made up of single units that can either be used singularly of combined together to form larger units. All of these units are available to your organisation free of charge, 

Hire is made up of units from the targetzone units range, but available for hire. By hiring in a unit it allows you as the organiser the freedom to either have this unit as a free attraction or to set the price you wish your visitors to pay for use. Hire units are also ideal for birthday parties, weddings and corporate events.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

Summer, Winter & Spring Programs

Seasonal Programs is divided into two sections - School Holiday and Winter Fun

School Holiday Program this Program is available to venues throughout the Midlands. It specifically targets what some venues find to be their slow period during the school holidays - Mid-week.

Winter & Spring Weekends this program is available to venues throughout the Midlands, It specifically aimed at young people although adults do also enjoy the activity. The program designed to bring visitors to your venue during the winter months.

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