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School Holiday Program

This Program is available to venues throughout the Midlands. It specifically targets what some venues find to be their slow period during the school holidays - Mid-week.

The School Holiday Program only runs Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday leaving your busiest times - the weekends, free for other events or activities that have already been planned into the yearly program.

Whats Available - 

             Target Zone 2 - Soft Archery

             It's all the fun of tradition archery in a safe form.

             Space required: 6m wide x 6m-8m deep

             Target Zone 2a - Hover Ball Archery

              A fun and interactive activity with the added dimension of floating targets.

              A constant jet of air hover a row of ball targets at a constant height.

              This provides the archer with a stable target to take aim at.

              Space required: 4m wide x 6m-8m deep x 2.4m height

Types of Session Available

             "Have-A-Go" Sessions - Open to all - age 7+, basic instruction.

Available Dates

              Cover most local educational authority holidays.

              These dates can be extended (subject to Midland Adventure availability), to accommodate different educational authority holidays.                    Check out our availability here:

Want to know more

              Contact Midland Adventure today via Contact Form


              We are following all Government procedures and social distancing guidance; these are constantly review and updated to meet new  guidance as it is released.

              We are also rotating all handled equipment so that it can be cleaned after each use to cut the risk of cross contamination and hand  sanitiser is provided for all users.

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