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School Holiday Program

This Program is available to venues throughout the Midlands.  It specifically targets what some venues find to be their slow period during the school holidays - Mid-week.

The School Holiday Program only runs Tuesday to Thursday leaving your busiest times - the weekends, free for other events or activities that have already been planned into the yearly program.

Whats Available - 

This depends on the size and location of your venue and a full risk assessment of the venue. 

Target Zone 1 - Archery

Archery - We use a variety of different powered bows with which we are able to teach young children (5 yrs +), through to adults the basics of this ancient sport.


The Archery Range occupies an area 25m (w) x 50m (d).  The rear and sides of the range need to be clear of All public access - footpaths, rights of way, roads, car parks, etc.

Target Zone 2 – Soft Archery

Soft archery is the craze which has swept the country; it’s all the fun of traditional archery in a safe form.  It uses low powered bows and arrows where the points have been replaced with suckers.  The range only occupies a small area and allows spectators to view safely on upto three sides, but not behind we prefer (although not essential), to place the range against a wall or structure.  It is perfectly designed for safe shooting indoors, outdoors or in confined areas and a brilliant way to keep young people (aged 6+ years through to adults), entertained. 

Requirements –

The Soft Archery Range occupies an area 6m (w) x 6m-8m (d).

Both of these units are Fully Insured and Staffed. 

Cost to you

Types of Session Available
"Have-A-Go" Sessions Archery - Open to all - age 5+, basic instruction.
Lessons - Archery only - age 7-12 year old only, advanced instruction.

Available Dates

Cover most local educational authority holidays.

These dates can be extended (subject to Midland Adventure availability), to accommodate different educational authority holidays.  Check out our availability here:

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