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Winter Program

A unique winter program designed to bring visitors to your establishment during the winter months.

The winter program is specifically aimed at young people although adults do also enjoy the activity.  We firmly believe that by keeping the kids happy, the parents will be happy and hopefully a happy parent will spend longer period of time at your establishment.

Whats Available – Soft Archery

Soft archery is a craze which hass swept the country; it’s all the fun of traditional archery in a safe form.  It uses low powered bows and arrows where the points have been replaced with suckers.  The range only occupies a small area and can have spectators on three sides (not behind, preferably we like to place the range against a wall or structure), as all of the traditional dangers associated with traditional archery have been removed.  It is perfectly designed for safe shooting indoors or in confined areas.


The Soft Archery Range only occupies an area 6m wide x 6m deep.

Cost to you



Allows your visitors to try something totally different at your venue, occupy a young person or adult especially around the Christmas period whilst a gift is being purchased and also may increase visitor numbers.

We will also publicise through our website, social media and where can we go, where and when there will be these fun based sessions and direct links are provided to your establishments website.

Available Dates

The winter package is available any day/weekend from the 3rd Novemer through until the 24th December 2018, contact us to discuss your requirements or check out our availability here:

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